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Anzen is a multi-solution product that is powered by AI and Machine Learning technology. By using intelligent video analytics techniques, Anzen is able to recognize specific objects (humans, vehicles…) from CCTV footage, analyzes patterns and alerts security personnel via different methods (SMS, speaker, warning light, siren…) when specific events are detected.
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Object Classification Technology

Classifies objects by deep learning
Persons, animals, vehicles, bikes, strollers

Object Recognition Technology

Detects moving objects or particular forms
Abstracts meta data (height, size, etc.)

Act, Behavior Analysis Technology

Detects behavior patterns by modeling
Violence, collapsing, etc.

Video Noise Removal and Restoration Technology

Uses dynamic background training techniques
Restoration & stabilization

Vehicle License Plate Recognition Technology

Recognizes vehicle license plates using CCTV

Flame, Smoke Detection Technology

Detects flame/smoke by deep learning
Colors, patterns, etc

Face Detection Technology

Isolates faces from detected objects and tracks
Masks detected faces


Intelligent Video Analytics

Anzen can recognize a specific object (humans, vehicles, etc.) from CCTV footage, analyzes patterns, and alerts via various warning methods (SMS, Speaker, Warning light, Siren etc.) immediately to security personnel when specific events (Intrusion, Fire, Violence, Theft and Dumping etc.) are detected.
Provides high object recognition rate by deep-learning technique
Provides a wide range of filters applicable to stored videos (human/ vehicle/ group/ size/ speed/ direction/ density/ color)
Provides various layouts for displaying detected results
Enables simultaneous search through footage from multiple servers and cameras
Enables Information display for searched objects
Smart fast search server with Intel Xeon Scalable Processor

Smart Searching

Anzen provides speedy detection of a desired object from recorded video footage. It performs searches by setting various parameters, such as type(human/vehicle), color, size, speed, and direction, using video analysis technology.
Provides high speed scanning by simultaneous, multi-level analysis provided by analytics processes
Provides size and speed classification for detected event objects
Provides color recognition for detected event objects
Adjustable algorithm sensitivity levels for site-specific optimization
Adjustable algorithm for each Pan Tilt Zoom camera
Adjustable detection parameters for different objects (human / vehicle / color / speed / size)

Auto Tracking

Anzen recognizes a desired object (person/vehicle) from a fixed camera and tracks it with an N-tuple of a Pan-Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera.
A link between multiple fixed cameras and a single PTZ camera
Automatically provides pan, tilt, zoom In/Out function
Automatically tracks a detected object

Video Counting

Anzen counts and provides statistics for human or vehicle traffic in real time.
Provides traffic (human and vehicle) count statistics
Provides lane-by-lane count
Sorts statistics by hour, day, week, and month


Traffic Surveillance

Help user monitor car flows on roads and detect pre-defined events such as overspeed, red light crossing, wrong lane, wrong direction, illegal parking, stopping vehicle… in real-time to response with actions in time.

Intrusion Detection

Automatically detects the intrusion of unwelcome persons or vehicles into critical areas. Detects a wide range of threats from intruders and trespassers, to abandoned objects, to idling vehicles in real-time.

Loitering Detection

Tracks moving objects such as people and vehicles, and triggers an alarm if they have been in a predefined area for too long. This can help prevent crime such as vandalism and break-ins.

Line Cross Detection

The line crossing feature is useful to perimeter monitoring and protecting applications. Anzen can detect moving objects that cross a user-defined virtual line and automatically triggers an alarm event.

Line Count

Counts, compares and aggregates the number of any object (vehicles, animals, bins, boxes, equipment and more) passing a pre-defined line or areas. Can be used in retail stores, shopping malls, public vehicles...

Violence Detection

By using advanced algorithms, Anzen can detect the brutally events and other harmful patterns in videos and trigger event alarm.

Abandonment Detection

Analyze the moving objects of the scenario with the objective of identifying the stationary ones, which become the candidates to be abandoned objects. Later, a number of filtering steps validate the candidates in order to determine abandoned objects.

Stolen Detection

User can select the valuable objects or equipment which need to be watched by the camera. Whenever the object is found missing, the system will generate alarms for timely handling.

Fire Detection

Detects hot spots and temperature rises before they ignite by using thermal imaging, giving you the opportunity to manage fire risk proactively.

Smoke Detection

Detects smoke and/or fire in any area visible to a standard video camera even through window or door glass.

Trash Dumping Detection

Detects illegal trash dumping at surveillance area and trigger alarm by identifying candidate objects and filter to validate trash & person who dump trash illegally.

Crowd Detection

Anzen is capable of detecting and calculating the density of crowds within a pre-defined area. It can send alerts if it exceeds a certain set percentage.

Applicable Locations

Restricted Areas

Anzen can be used in restricted areas that apply high-level of security, such as Banks, Stores, Plants… to detect intrusion, loitering, trespass, tailgating… and enhance security in applied zones.


Anzen can help schools maintain regulations & security by detecting violence, intrusion… ensuring a regulated and safe place for students to study.


Take immediate actions with early detection features (eg. fall detection), enhance security with theft, intrusion detection or even detect early signs of symptoms (eg. cancer, brain aneurysm, spine fracture…) when combining with medical imaging devices.

Public Areas

Anzen can help you monitor and ensure security in crowded public areas with features such as detect bullying, vandalism (graffiti, property damage), left objects, premises intrusion (breaking through fences, gates…) which can help you stop or limit damage with real-time intervention.

Case Studies


Anzen has been used by many hospitals in Australia to assist doctors in monitoring patients such as detecting unconcious, falls, drowning… which improved patient safety while reducing the need and cost of nursing assistants to stay in patients rooms 24/24.


In this period of Covid-19 pandemic, Anzen is being used by one of the largest bank in Vietnam in order to detect ATM users who are wearing mask. When users are detected using their masks, the ATM will ask them to take off for security purposes.


Anzen has been used in a few Korea highschools in order to help monitoring regulation at school. With the help of Anzen video analytics, the security team can detect violence, intrusion in surveillance areas such as school yard, classrooms, halls…

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